The Benefits of Winter Pruning

You may be thinking that it is time to keep the gardening tools now that winter is in full swing. The truth is, the best time to give your tree a much-needed pruning is now.

Here are some of the best benefits of doing your pruning in the winter.

Winter tree care

A Clearer Picture

Pruning in the winter means you don’t have an issue with foliage since all leaves have shed off the tree. The arborist can get a better look at the areas that require pruning. They can see which branches are diseased and need to be removed right away. Also, it is easier to make precision cuts in winter because they can identify the branches easier.

Less Intrusive

Most of your neighborhood prefer to stay indoors during the winter season. This means it will be more convenient for a certified arborist to carry out the task without worrying about disturbing the community. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about the impact of the process on other plantings in your landscape since most of them are not in bloom.

Disease Control

Pruning cuts can attract insects and diseases. If done during the cold season, these cuts are less vulnerable to infestation, which gives them a better chance at recovery. Also, some trees are best pruned in winter because they are prone to wilting and beetle infestation, such as Oaks.

Faster Healing

Pruning leaves wounds on trees. Like all other living things, they require ample time to recuperate from the pruning cuts. Winter pruning is best for trees because they can heal faster when they are dormant. They are not exposed to stress, unlike when they are pruned in other seasons.

Weather Protection

Since the tree is bear in winter, the arborist can have a better look at the overall condition of the tree and determine whether it can survive extreme weather conditions. An arborist can get rid of broken and weak branches that affect the structural soundness of the tree. It will help the tree become more resilient to high winds and other weather conditions like snow and rain.

Save Time & Money

Pruning in the winter is more effective compared to performing it in other seasons. A certified arborist can have better access to the tree since he can see the branches clearly. This will result in a faster pruning process, thus less cost. It is also much easier to haul away branches without the leaves, making the process less time-consuming and overwhelming.

Winter Pruning Preserves the Aesthetics of Your Landscape

Pruning assists your trees in growing in their best shape and health. Winter pruning ensures your tree doesn’t interfere with your home and other structures around the vicinity. It allows other plantings to grow without being disturbed by the entire process of pruning. Since the ground is firm in winter, the risk of soil compaction due to heavy equipment is significantly reduced.

Pruning can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have experience and skill in it. This is why it is essential to look for a tree company with certified arborists who can take care of your tree’s needs in the best way they can. They can help ease your worries about not performing proper pruning on your trees.

Call a qualified tree service like Stallworth’s Tree Service Huntsville, 4910 Commercial Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35816, (256) 277-1647 for more information about winter tree care.